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Don't Let Audio Visuals Ruin Your Speech

My name is Mike Gore. I am a huge fan of speeches and presentations. Whenever there is a speaker who I am interested in, I make sure that I make sure that I attend his or her event. However, I notice that there are so many presentations that are not done justice because the audio visuals are just not correct. It might be difficult to see the visual aides or it may be difficult to hear the speaker. All of the technologies we have available to more effectively convey an idea are not always there. Because of this, I have studied audio visual equipment and blog about it.


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Three Reasons To Choose Wireless A/V Equipment For Your Event

Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or something in between, you'll likely need to rent a selection of audio/video equipment. Things such as microphones, speakers, projectors, screens, and more will all help your event to run well. When you're consulting with an A/V rental service, you should inquire about wireless equipment. Obviously, wireless microphones are common, but many other types of A/V equipment can work wirelessly, which can be highly advantageous for your event. Here are three reasons to choose wireless A/V equipment.

Quicker Setup And Take Down

There's little doubt that wireless A/V equipment is faster to set up and take down than equipment with wires. For example, if you're setting up some speakers in various locations throughout the room, you simply need to decide where you want the speakers to sit and then place them there. There's no need to worry about whether or not you have enough cable to run from the speakers to the mixing board or another device to which they're connected. If you're doing the setup and take down for your own event, you'll appreciate how much quicker these jobs go when you go wireless.

Less Danger To People

One of the drawbacks of equipment with wires is that people can frequently trip over the wires. When you rent a number of pieces of A/V equipment, you could have a series of cords and cables running around the room, all underfoot. While people conventionally use gaffer tape to secure the cords and cables to the floor, they can still be a nuisance underfoot. And, if a section of tape were to pull away over the course of your event and leave the cord exposed, it could be a legitimate trip risk — the last thing that you want during an event of any type. When you opt for wireless equipment, you won't have these risks.

A Tidier Appearance

Wireless A/V equipment also gives you a tidier appearance in your event space. Regardless of the type of event that is taking place, you may find that cords and cables running across the floor detract from the visual experience. For example, if you're setting up a room for a wedding ceremony and reception and are using lots of white decorations, black cables running underfoot will stand out. When you go wireless, you won't have these distracting elements to take away from the look you wish to achieve.

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