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Don't Let Audio Visuals Ruin Your Speech

My name is Mike Gore. I am a huge fan of speeches and presentations. Whenever there is a speaker who I am interested in, I make sure that I make sure that I attend his or her event. However, I notice that there are so many presentations that are not done justice because the audio visuals are just not correct. It might be difficult to see the visual aides or it may be difficult to hear the speaker. All of the technologies we have available to more effectively convey an idea are not always there. Because of this, I have studied audio visual equipment and blog about it.


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Trying To Improve Your Business? 4 Ways Video Marketing Can Help

If you own a business that isn't being powered by video advertising, you're missing out on a valuable tool. Print advertising, and basic internet advertising is one thing, but video advertising takes your business to the next level. Video marketing doesn't need to be expensive either. It can be adapted and adjusted to meet any advertising budget. If you've decided against video marketing, here are four important reasons why you should change your mind.

Provide One-on-One Customer Attention

When customers come into your business, you have the opportunity to provide one-on-one attention. It's that attention that will persuade most customers to give you their repeat business. Unfortunately, you can't provide that one-on-one customer attention through internet advertising. That's where video marketing comes into play. While you're not physically present to engage with your customer, a short video on your website will give customers the feeling that they're interacting with you on a meaningful level. That interaction will encourage customers to return to your site again.

Make Your Emails More Engaging

If you provide an email list for your customers, you might be surprised to find out that most people don't actually open their email correspondence from local business owners. That is, unless they know there's something worthwhile for them to engage in. Including a short video message with each of your emails will make them more engaging for your customers, and increase the likelihood that your emails will be viewed. One way to make your video messages more engaging is to use them to advertise current specials available only for valued customers. Include a code in each of your videos that customers can use for online discounts for the services you provide.

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

When people conduct online searches, they spend more time on sites that provide the most relevant information. Those sites enjoy higher search engine rankings, which increases the likelihood that they'll come up in a search. You can increase your search engine ranking by including videos on your webpage.

Make Your Site More Educational

People want to learn something useful while they're visiting websites. In most cases, they don't have a lot of time to spend reading through the information. That's where videos become useful. Instead of just advertising your services, provide visitors to your site with an educational video snippet that they can watch. Add a new video each week to keep visitors returning to your site.